Top 5 Words Per Minute Tests To Improve Your Typing Speed

The given below word-per-minute (wpm) tests analyze and check your present typing speed and provide you with information on what can be applied to improve your keyboard skills.

These tests let you know the number of words that you type per minute. In general, the speed tests pay attention to how much time you take to type by avoiding the common writing errors. There are even free typing tests that can check your speed and accuracy.

Mostly it has 1-minute tests. It also has 3-minute and 5-minute word-per-minute tests. Go through all of them so that you can search the one that encourages you the most for making you type as fast as possible at the given time.

If you get disappointed after your typing speed test because of bad results, then you should prefer going through some free typing lessons or playing few of the typing games that doesn’t have any applied charges to it. It will surely lead to the improvement of your typing skills.

Best 5 Words Per Minute Test For Improving Your Typing Speed


There are plenty of reasons behind word-per-minute test at is why everyone’s most favorite words per minute test.It is simple to use and offers an adequate speed test than the rest of the sites.

As soon you enter the first key, you will notice that the typing speed test begins its timer, so you do not require to turn it on by yourself. You can easily have a look at how much time is left and typing speed at the time you are doing the test.

Luckily, you can select among some stories that you would like to write and the time that you would prefer to have for typing. It should be between 1 to 5 minutes.

  • FastFinger

It not only consists of basic but also advanced typing tests. It encourages competitive spirit among its users because it supports multiplayer test. It leads many people to compete with each other. Unfortunately, it does not have even a single typing lesson or a typing game.


Whenever you type any error at the time of your test shall make you stop and pay attention to it. After you complete your speed typing test, you will immediately get your speed and accuracy.

  • ARTypist

It has many typing lessons and games. It is a must to have an account for storing scores. It checks mistakes precisely as its speed test comprises punctuations.

  • Speed Typing Online’s Typing Speed Test

It is a bit difficult to check your stats at the time you type. This gets a bit inconvenient for its users. If you want to improve your typing speed, then try this test.

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